27. August

Jazz Blues Soul Funk Channel
"Good Sound For My Frends" | 80 min


Broadcast by Hannes, der Soundgrabber
02 Rumbajazz - CD 'Rumbajazz' 1 Para Ti (05:50min) 2 Perdudo (06:32min) 3 From Dusk Till Dawn (06:50min)
03 Ramsey Lewis - CD 'Taking Another Look' 1 Intincy (08:01min) 2 Love Song (05:19min) 3 Jungle Strut (04:14min)
04 Erga Lyytinien - CD 'Voracious Love' 1 Oil And Water (03:59min) 2 Bed Of Roses (04:05min) 3 Gilmore (03:58min) 4 Cant Fall In Love (04:08min)
05 Barbara Dennerlein - CD 'Love Letters' 1 Funkisch (04:04min) 2 Tamburo (05:21min) 3 Yes Or No (04:19min)
06 Soul Brother Six - CD 'Funky Funky Way Of Makin Love' 1 Funky Funky Way Of Making Love (03:30min) 2 Give Me Some More Of Your Funky Good Loving (03:04min) 3 Nodding (03:17min)
07 Rocky Athas - CD 'That s What i Know' 1 Think About It (03:07min) 2 D Boogie (04:00min) 3 Rock Funk (03:26min)

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